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Coding animals

Coding with animals. Can you help the animals find their way? 

Learn the basics of coding without the use of technology. Also practise spatial orientation and collaboration.

Coding animals incorporates two levels of assignment cards. Level 1 contains wooden animals in order to make the coding steps tangible. Level 2 contains a card with an arrow as support.

The starting position of the animals is determined by the direction their noses are pointing to. The animals are interconnected by roads. Every road has an obstacle, such as a mud puddle or a tree. These obstacles form part of the preconditions set out in the assignment. 

From left to right, the assignment cards indicate: the animal with which to start, the animal with which to end, and the preconditions for which roads to take. Use the cards with the arrows to mark the correct solution. As a result, the children have made their first programming code. 

The assignment cards have an increasing degree of difficulty and are self-monitoring. 

2 plastic assignment cards (2 levels)
6 plastic assignment cards level 1
6 wooden animals
12 plastic assignment cards level 2
plastic card for assistance
16 plastic cards with arrow symbols
wooden box  (33.5 x 22.5 x 7 cm)

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