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More than 100 years of educational experience

For over a century, Heutink has brought craftsmanship and quality to educational supplies. The Netherlands-based family business was founded by Reinier Willem Heutink in 1911. Today, third generation Jessica Heutink and son-in-law Henk Fokke, lead the Heutink Group as a multi-national distribution and manufacturing business with a forward thinking global vision.

Heutink International
In 2007 the Heutink Group bought the company Nienhuis Montessori, which was founded in 1929. Since the beginning of 2015 we changed the company name Nienhuis to our mother company’s name Heutink and introduced 3 new educational brands in the market, besides the Nienhuis Montessori brand. We added the Educo and Jegro brands to our portfolio, educational materials for children from 3-6 (Educo) and 6-12 years old (Jegro). We can also offer a very large selection of the best, high quality arts and crafts materials (Heutink Arts & Crafts). By adding theses three brands to our portfolio, Heutink is nowadays your one-stop-shop schoolsupplier for the best educational materials from the age 0 to 12, entirely based on national and international educational guidelines and curricula.


  • 1912

    Heutink starts his own business
    In 1911 Reinier Willem Heutink starts his own business with 25 guilders (14 USD) savings. The Heutink business is located in Wierden, the Netherlands and sells magazines, books and bibles. One year later, he totally equips his first school.

  • 1956

    Like father Like Son
    In 1956, Bertus George Heutink joins the firm and he immediately sets out to grow the company ever larger. Like his father, he has a special talent for employing dedicated employees and he creates a strong team of special people around him.

  • 1975

    Nienhuis Montessori USA 
    In 1975, Nienhuis Montessori (founded in 1929) opens a branch in Mountain View, California, but it will not become part of the Heutink Group until 2007.

  • 1989

    Third generation Heutink
    In 1992 Jessica Heutink (daughter of Bertus George) starts working at her father's company. She performs various roles until she eventually assumes leadership of the company that she still runs today together with her husband Henk Fokke.

  • 1995

    Nienhuis Asia opens
    While Heutink is growing rapidly in the Netherlands, Nienhuis also extends its geographical reach when in 1995 the factory Nienhuis Asia opens its doors in Sri Lanka - where Montessori materials are still manufactured.

  • 2001

    Acquisition of Educo
    In 2001 Heutink acquires Educo. This company, founded in 1982, aims at developing innovative products in the field of educational gaming. The products of Educo fit perfectly with our philosophy. A huge asset!

  • 2007

    Acquisition of Nienhuis
    Nienhuis Montessori and hence Nienhuis USA becomes part of the Heutink Group. This makes us a global company with logistics and production facilities in the Netherlands, China and Sri Lanka.

  • 2009

    Sri Lanka
    The Nienhuis Asia factory continues its expansion. Large, highly functional production and warehousing facilities are completed. The plan to shift all Nienhuis production to this location begins.

  • 2014

    Acquisition of Jegro
    Stempelfabriek was taken over by the Heutink Group. Jegro is now 1 of the 4 brands of Heutink International. Stempelfabriek products are covered by either the Educo or Jegro brand, depending on their target group age. NNSL still produces these products in its factory in Groningen.

  • 2015

    Heutink International
    The Zelhem location opens its substantial Export Center. Nienhuis, Educo, Jegro and Arts & Crafts products are all shipped from this location – 4 Brands,
    1 Shipment begins.