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Early childhood education by playful learning
Welcome to the world of Educo: a colourful world full of playful learning, new ideas, and challenging educational games. In this world, there is plenty of time and attention for the development of every single child. Children instinctively learn when they play. Through play, children gain valuable experiences that allow them to grow and develop. Acquired by Heutink in 2001, Educo provides play-based learning through active hands-on products that inspire growth and success in children aged 0-12 years.


Curriculum Educo
We believe that every child deserves the best possible education. That is, education with a focus on individual talents, personal results, and achievements. All of our products are based on international standards for curricula, goals and skills. They stimulate the development of a child through active, hands-on play. The Educo products are categorized in distinct and clear learning goals and skills.

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Categories of the Educo curriculum

  • Mathematical play

    Our materials encourage children to develop their mathematical skills. Playing with our math materials helps the child to become a true mathematician.

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  • Language play

    Our materials help children to become storytellers and capable readers. The materials we provide magnify their world by helping them understand new words, and using them to communicate.

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  • Motor play

    These materials encourage children to develop their motor skills. Practicing their motor skills helps them to become good athletes or creative artists.​​

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  • Puzzle play

    Let your students discover the world by fitting pieces into place and improve their spatial reasoning skills. Reveal and discuss shapes and images.

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  • Pretend play

    Create your own world to enter the big world. Improve your self- confidence by acting out your own role play.

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  • 0-3 year

    Encourage the child to develop and grow in the best possible way. 

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Play-based learning through active hands-on products

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