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Build X Y Z

Build X Y Z

Encourage different construction skills and practice communication, collaboration and fine motor skills with XYZ construction. Looking for a play format that helps children build from 2D to 3D and in a three-dimensional system? With XYZ construction, you work on different goals relating to maths, language and motor skills: - Practise building in a three-dimensional system - Practise building from 2D to 3D - Practise communication and collaboration - Practise fine motor skills Take an instruction card containing information on how to use X, Y and Z. Then take an assignment card and recreate it on the base. Finished building? Turn over the assignment card to check that you did it correctly. The game can be played individually or together. When playing together, one person tells the other what to build or vice versa, one person builds a structure and the other person notes the coordinates. Want to find out about more variations? See the instruction booklet for more handy tips.


  • 20 coloured blocks
  • 20 wooden blocks
  • 2 plastic bases to build on
  • 2 instruction cards
  • 12 assignment cards
  • storage box (33 x 23 x 7 cm)
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