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Kitchen Utensils Matching Cards

Kitchen Utensils Matching Cards
Each picture has the subject isolated on a white background, with real pictures that show every detail. These 4 cards are aimed at giving children plenty of fun as they complete various matching games. This packet includes 14 photographs for a total of 28 cards depicting many and various kitchen utensils such as a peeler, measuring spoons, whisk, sponge, spatula and others. The cards are designed with red and blue borders for easy identification and quick sorting into piles. No vocabulary is included with this packet so if you are using these cards with pre-readers, there will be no distractions. However, the pictures on these matching cards correspond to the 3 part nomenclature which is sold separately. Each card is pre-cut and all corners are rounded.
Article number
ETC Montessori, Nienhuis Montessori
Minimum age
3 years
€ 23,66