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Join Clips system basic set 400


JOIN CLIPS promotes spatial awareness, motor skills, concentration and creativity

Wooden box 46 x 37 x 8,5 cm with compartments and carrying handles

400 join clips (15 different clips)

6 work cards

1 instruction card overview

With JOIN CLIPS, your child learns to build, rebuild and continue to build by means of work cards and the instruction card.

Develop spatial awareness.


Technical insight

Learning about constructions and construction possibilities

Creating structures following assignments

Cooperating with other builders

Developing self-confidence

Choose a work card and copy the example or come up with something yourself. By connecting clips and boards, the most beautiful structures can be created.

The combination of the building boards, the clips, the construction sheets and the wheels makes the construction possibilities infinite. With JOIN CLIPS, children can build and play at the same time, either on their own or with friends! JOIN CLIPS is for children from the age of 4 years old and upwards, and is also suitable for older children in primary school.

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