Children learn by doing. They have an amazing capacity for retaining new information. They are smart. You can’t force children to learn. They need to be inspired. Jegro’s products transform learning into an experience, for both children and teachers. Learning through activation.


Jegro offers a range of educational materials, which seamlessly complement the methods used in schools. The materials require active and physical involvement. Children want to be challenged through active participation and solution-oriented thinking. This makes difficult and abstract subjects seem more real. It also helps stimulating learning in a way which is fun for both the child and the teacher.

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We design our educational materials by listening to our hearts. This holds we try to identify with our target audience. Engagement and learning through play are the most important factors. We make sure that our materials actively involve children in a subject. This transforms learning into an experience, which will help children remember what they’ve learned. Learning is a voyage of discovery and we offer children the opportunity to embark on that journey.

Quality and passion.

Our materials are tested by people involved in education so that we can guarantee their quality. These are people who share our passion. Specialists. High quality, sustainability and ergonomics are the starting points for our products. The materials seamlessly fit into children’s daily lives and invite them to get started straight away. We also offer training and support when it comes to implementing our materials in schools. We provide information and offer a wide range of orientation options. Jegro’s products open the door to optimal development.

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The Jegro catalogue includes our complete range of products for mathematics, diverse products for dutch market and german market.

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