Augmented Reality puzzles

written on 19 December 2016 by Heutink International
Augmented Reality puzzles

Connected learing

For new learning

Most children love to play on a tablet. A wide array of apps offer children a broader view of the world or just simply offer pleasure. But it is well-known that working with real (tangible) developmental material can provide powerful learning opportunities. Why not bring these two worlds together?

Connected learning

Educo combines the best of both worlds. It has developed two appealing and innovative materials, in which the ‘old school’ developmental material is linked with new learning as they interact with apps. They offer a unique combination of wooden developmental materials and technology.

Augmented power puzzles

You can explore the world around you with the augmented puzzles from Educo. They literally give children a different perspective of the world. When you finish a puzzle, the adventure really starts! With a specially developed app, you can point the camera at the puzzle for a magic ‘diorama’ to unfold. This explains a lot about what you see in more depth. Songs, movies and stories deepen the learning experience. Your view is captivated by the world of the diorama, but in a safe and trustworthy environment.


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During the Toy Fair we will show all our new AR Power puzzles. If you want to order these products, feel free to contact us. Send an e-mail to: or arrange an appointment with one of our exportmanagers at the Toy Fair.

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