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Development isn’t something you do alone. We believe in education and collaboration. We love to share our knowledge and stimulate children’s desire to learn.  We encourage attention, involvement and perfection. These elements are not just critical to the use of materials but also form the basis for their creation. These inspiration lectures are created to share knowledge by for example combining learning goals.

Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is one of our most important skills. No other animal or computer can solve problems as creatively as we can. Furthermore, creative thinking can benefit all areas of our lives. If you can think in a creative way, then that skill can give you an edge over many other people. Creative thinking can lead to exciting inventions, such as the internet, airplane, and automobile. Look around you; almost anything you see is the result of creative thinking! Creative thinking does not happen by itself, however. You need to take the initiative.

creative thinking

100 ways to express

Children have hundred ways to express themselves, for instance by painting, writing, playing, claying, building etc. Offer children various materials to express themselves and create their own world. Arts and crafts materials invite children to express artistic and creative potential.

Design your own assignment cards

Children need the freedom to create and express their imagination and emotions. Their open minds offer many brilliant ideas. Let them design their own assignment cards for several existing educational games and you will be surprised by the results!

Design your assignment cards

Cooperative learning

Cooperative learning is a hot topic. It is more than just working together. More specifically, if we ask children to learn cooperatively, we expect them to discuss the assignments and help each other out. Children can explain information to each other, for example. Recent studies show that cooperative learning is an effective way to develop cognitive and social skills. It stimulates a child to learn actively, develop cognitive abilities, solve problems, integrate and apply knowledge, and verbalize thoughts.
Educo offers a variety of materials that stimulate cooperative learning. The Together series and the games Talk together, Lace together, Bold together, and Build together are exemplary of Educo’s dedication to cooperative learning.

cooperative learning

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