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Our complete product range has been tailor-made to meet the wants and needs of our target audience. We try to view the world through a child’s curious eyes and critically review our own products and market trends. This helps us (and our clients) to keep in touch with the latest developments. We are continuously improving our existing products and developing new ones, to ensure that we always offer both new and improved high-quality products.

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Coming soon: Manuals with even more possibilities

The Educo and Jegro manuals will be updated and additional game tips are included. The Educo manuals also show how the games can be used at various levels. With some simple adjustments, the teacher can give a new boost to a game. When all manuals are stored together, this forms a practical reference tool for all teachers.

Assembling manuals

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Click here to download the Educo assembling manuals.

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Do you want to know more about our new products or want to order products on sale? Please contact one of our advisors or send an e-mail to info@heutink.com.

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